A modern woman’s attitude about her own pregnancy, this wonderful stage of a woman’s life, has changed both positively and rapidly. Today, pregnancy is not being hidden, to the contrary, women welcome it, take pride in it, openly seek information and advice on their condition and totally enjoy the experience. Importantly, the modern woman is doing all she can to ensure the health of her unborn baby as well as her own mental and physical well-being. Smiling Baby Spa Clinic treatments provide the unique opportunity to care for both mother and baby during pregnancy and after the birth. Recognizing the importance of properly caring for herself as the new mother and at the same time providing the ideal environment for the development of her unborn child generate the positive emotions that are so crucial for the long-term health of both mother and baby.

As the saying goes…A pregnant woman is always beautiful. And it is true.

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During the time of your procedures the clinic will be working just for you.

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Our body, mind and spirit have differing needs at different times due to our fast-paced life style. Sometimes, we need to calm down and slow down, immerse ourselves in water with the aroma of an orange orchard, other times, we need to refuel and stretch our body, or be refreshed or let ourselves be carried away by a hot stone massage and the mysteries of wraps, all of which - feelings of well-being, fitness, self confidence, happiness and joy.



Smiling Baby Spa Clinic is your oasis of peace and quiet, relaxation, rest, release, recharging, and spirit regeneration... – unique and highly personalized opportunity to switch off your brain, do nothing and let others take care of you – to pamper you. Our care for your body and mind, for your child, is truly luxurious, ranging from massages to spa and balneotherapy treatments all of which are in demand today to help offset the affects of stress in our busy lives. Healthy foods, herbal drinks and teas are also available for you and your children in the self-service kitchen at our clinic.


Our team of specialists and the treatments we provide perfectly blend the important therapeutic benefits with a comfortable and pleasant experience. The Smiling Baby Spa Clinic offers a wide range of massage, spa and balneo relaxation programmes for women of all ages, pregnant women, and women after giving birth. Additionally, we specialize in providing unique treatments for new-born babies, infants and older children. Our Goal is to help you eliminate stress and develop an overall feeling of health, confidence and well-being in addition to effectively treating existing health ailments. The professionalism of our staff, the uniqueness and quality of our treatments and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the Smiling Baby Spa Clinic are integral parts of the high standard of service we offer to our clients.


Try to stop for a moment and think back to when you last did something just for yourself, for your physical and mental health and overall well-being. If you are struggling to remember, it is the right time to visit the Smiling Baby Spa Clinic, and let us pamper you by addressing your own special needs.

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