List of treatments for family



Consultation with specialist

Children's neurologist 2300,- Kč
Physiotherapist children 450,- Kč
adults 650,- Kč
Occupational Therapist 2500,- Kč

Gift Cards

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Tailor-made package

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Standard massage - partial (30 min) / full (60 min) 550,- Kč / 990,- Kč
Aroma massage - partial (30 min) / full (60 min) 500,- Kč / 950,- Kč
Herbal ball massage (30 min) 650,- Kč
Wine oil aroma massage - partial (30 min) 550,- Kč
Lava stone massage - partial (30 min) / full (60 min) 600,- Kč / 1200,- Kč
Lymphatic drainage - manual / health enhancing (60 min) 1200,- Kč
Lymphatic drainage - manual (30 min) 470,- Kč
Lymphatic drainage - machine / Pneuven (25 min) 600,- Kč
Cupping massage (30 min) 450,- Kč
Foot reflexology massage (30 min) 600,- Kč
Reflexology massage (30 min) 550,- Kč
RELAX - MAGIC OF RELAXATION massage (30 min) 550,- Kč
Chocolate massage - partial (30 min) / full + scrub (75 min) 550,- Kč / 1400,- Kč
Aloe Vera massage and skin treatment (30 min)) 500,- Kč
Honey detoxification massage (30 min) 550,- Kč
Indian head massage, relaxation, anti stress 480,- Kč
"WELL-BEING" relaxing ritual (60 min) - foot wrap and manual foot massage 800,- Kč
"LEMON" foot care (30 min) - lemon bath and wrap 650,- Kč

Fitness sessions / physiotherapy


OsteoBalance and manual therapy (90 min) 1500,- Kč
OsteoBalance is a non-invasive touch therapy method that uses delicate manual techniques - ranging from pressure and stretching tissues to working with joints, muscles and bones. The aim of the therapy is to release an area, which is somehow blocked and functions incorrectly, thus positively affecting the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems of the body. In combination with another manual technique, it effectively helps in a wide range of pathologies - back and joint pain, headache, hormonal problems, disorders of motor development in children, dysfunctions of internal organs, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders. This therapy method has no side effects and is suitable for all ages, including infants and pregnant women. It can be applied in case of acute and chronic conditions.
Fitness exercises for women (60 min) twice a week – lesson /
10-lesson pass
The therapeutic exercise session takes place in groups of 5-7 people.
350,- Kč / 2800,- Kč
Individual exercises with a physiotherapist 850,- Kč
Fitness individual exercises (60 min) / 10-lesson pass 600,- Kč / 5500,- Kč
Taping 230,- Kč / zone
Carboxytherapy 1 Treatment 1500,- Kč
10 Treatments 13 000,- Kč
Consulation with a physiotherapist (30 min) 650,- Kč

Spa, Balneo, Thalasso,
wraps, scrubs, masks


(herbal, wine, sea salt, magnesium salt, iodine-bromine, ...)
550,- Kč
MUD BATH 520,- Kč
relaxing bath, dry wrap, paraffin hand wrap, luxurious royal bath in a rich mixture of honey, milk and rare oriental oils in organic quality, with soothing, antibacterial, moisturising and highly nourishing, regenerating and smoothing effects, wrap without showering with continuing benefits for the skin
1200,- Kč
(selection of aromatic essential oils), counteracts fatigue, stress, significantly stimulates the immune system – stress, significantly stimulates the immune system
550,- Kč
QUEEN OF EGYPT – (90 min)
aromaterapie, celotělový peeling s použitím aromatických soli a oleje z růží, detoxikační zábal z bahna, celková aroma masáž pod Vichy sprchou
1950,- Kč
FRUIT DREAM - (90 min)
full-body scrub using special citrus-based spices and oils, cinnamon wrap, fruit bath
1950,- Kč
MILK RITUAL – (90 min)
full-body scrub using herbs, full-body yoghurt mask, milk bath with almond milk and flower petals
1950,- Kč
WARM TOUCH - (50 min)
mud wrap with partial manual massage
790,- Kč
ORANGE DREAM – (60 min)
body scrub, wrap and circulation shower
890,- Kč
CINAMMON WRAP with Vichy shower (55 min) 890,- Kč
LAMINARIA - full-body sea salt scrub, seaweed wrap (75 min) 1400,- Kč
HONEY TEMPTATION - full-body scrub, yoghurt-honey wrap, circulation shower (55 min) 1200,- Kč
VITAL RITUAL* – basil relaxing bath, full-body peeling - ayurvedic formulation, tropical Vichy shower (55 min) 1950,- Kč
BALINESIA RITUAL* – rice wrap - ayurvedic formulation, full-body scrub, full-body carrot mask, VICHY shower (55 min) 1950,- Kč
JAVANESE LULUR RITUAL* - jasmine wrap - ayurvedic formulation, full-body scrub, relaxing aroma bath (55 min) 1950,- Kč
SUPERIOR AROMA RITUAL* – full-body honey-sesame scrub - ayurvedic formulation, circulation Acupuncture shower (45 min) 1100,- Kč
INDIAN ROMANCE RITUAL * - ssandal wrap - ayurvedic formulation, aroma bath, full-body moisturising mask - ayurvedic formulation (45 min) 1100,- Kč
TROPICAL BATH* – aroma bath, full-body fruit mask - ayurvedic formulation, aroma massage (75 min) 1950,- Kč
GINGER PACKAGE* - full-body dry brush massage, ginger relaxing bath, paraffin hand wrap (55 min) 1110,- Kč
MOROCCAN BATH* -relaxing massage with ayurvedic oil, aroma bath, full-body sea salt scrub, VICHY shower, herbal drink (75 min) 1950,- Kč
BALINESIA FLOWER BATH * - aroma bath - ayurvedic formulation, dry wrap, herbal drink (40 min) 690,- Kč
JAPANESE BATH* - soap scrub, aroma bath - ayurvedic formulation, dry wrap, herbal drink (40 min) 890,- Kč
MANDI SUSU BATH* - dry brush massage, coconut wrap, relaxing bath in a coconut-vanilla infusion, herbal drink (45 min) 890,- Kč
MILK-FLOWER BATH * - full-body honey-sesame scrub, special relaxing bath - ayurvedic formulation, dry wrap, herbal tea (45 min) 890,- Kč
TOUCH OF THE SEA* - full-body sea salt scrub - ayurvedic formulation, seaweed wrap, relaxing bath with sea salt, cooling shower, full-body moisturising mask (60 min) 1890,- Kč
MOROCCAN CLAY WRAP* - full-body clay wrap - ayurvedic formulation, clay face mask, VICHY shower, herbal drink (35 min) 790,- Kč
ANTI-CELLULITE BATH* - full-body anti-cellulite massage oil scrub, anti-cellulite wrap, relaxing bath - ayurvedic formulation, herbal drink (55 min) 1890,- Kč
MUD WRAP – (20 min) 350,- Kč
SLIMMING WRAP (20 min) 800,- Kč
DEAD SEA MUD WRAP (20 min) 800,- Kč
COSMETIC CLAY WRAP (20 min) 800,- Kč
SEA SALT WRAP (20 min) 750,- Kč
MUD WRAP (20 min) 750,- Kč
PARAFANGO (25 min) 690,- Kč